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Exchange EDB Recovery

Exchange EDB recovery has been designed in a way that it can handle bulk recovery and will automatically set the required mailbox permission. Furthermore, it creates mailboxes on your target server without any physical intervention.
In the end, it will permit you to make installation on the end number of computers to boost your recovery process.
All in all, Exchange EDB Recovery is a perfect solution for you if you wish to do the task on your own, as you will not be required to depend on service providers to do the same for you.
It’s time to give up thinking; otherwise, you will end up losing an amazing experience with this amazing software.
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  • An Overview Of Exchange EDB Recovery
    • Avoids the creation of duplicate items on the servers
    • Maps mailboxes within EDB file and target server
    • Has the potential to create mailboxes without any other intervention
    • Recovers and maintain the original structure of folders and mailboxes
    • It can recover all the mailbox items like emails, contacts, calendars, and many more
    • Recovers emails and folders that get deleted accidentally
    • Has been constructed to recover without much hassle
    • It can perform recovery in bulk
    • The licensing provides unlimited support
  • Why To Put In Place Exchange EDB Recovery?
    • Many organization looks for recovery to keep their information safe
    • Exchange EDB recovery is the best way to recover essential information
    • On-premise recovery gives physical control to users over the recovery
    • Keeps your data in-house and no other party can have access to your information.
    • On-premise recovery is more cost-effective for small-sized companies.
    • Supports Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019

Why Exchange EBD Recovery?

Exchange EBD recovery is there to perform the best recovery and bears the following features:

Safe and secure recovery
Safe and secure recovery

It recovers metadata that is crucial for your EDB files and folders. The process is entirely safe and no chances are there for information leakage to outsiders.

No limitation of the size of the file
No limitation of the size of the file

EDB does not pose any restriction on the size of the file that you wish to recover. Even files of large size can be recovered easily.

No dependency on third-party
No dependency on third-party

Installation of this recovery on a system does not require third-party or dependency on anyone else. You can perform this yourself and all the credentials will be kept securely.

Complete public folder recovery
Complete public folder recovery

The software provides support for recovering public folders as well. You can perform this easily like any other data recovery.

No data loss
No data loss

The software creates a copy of the data that you recover. This way, you can save your time and efforts to recover the crucial data that you are looking for.

Detailed reports
Detailed reports

With every recovery process, you will be provided a detailed report of your activity and other details. You can view these reports after the process to know if you want to know something.